What I offer You

Well, maybe let’s start with what I am not going to offer you:

  • missionize my readers and pursue a background agenda
  • as many click-baity “hot investment ideas” as possible – only investment ideas that I am personally convinced of, well researched and reasoned
  • spam or ads – I could sometimes recommend a good service to you I am using myself, but without taking money for that
  • scam or pumping schemes – no microcap / illiquid stocks
  • “make you rich quickly” nonsense. Common sense, critical thinking, fearless action based on risk and reward as well as patience is what counts!

An now, here’s what you can expect from me:

My investment blog is build from the scratch as a service I would be reading and paying for myself. Writings and research someone (me) has put precious time into, respecting his readers, their intellect and their time.

  • Critical own research from primary sources
    You can expect writings based on my own full-time and in-depth research with the experience I gained during my more than ten years now (wow, that rushed…) being active in buying stocks and building a growing portfolio myself and working as a stock analyst. Self-explanatory, I am always doing my own research and using primary sources like company reports and presentations. Of course, I am reading third-party thoughts and research, but always critically and with own afterwork.
  • Through the eyes of an engineer
    My education as an industrial engineer has taught me to think critically and to formulate firm investment theses. Investing on facts, not hope! Most of the time most stocks are either garbage or valued richly, already. My motto is: “search for reasons not to invest”. When I can hardly find any, then is the time to buy – nearly. Over time, I have realized that my head has to be convinced, but also my “inner voice”. Only when you have a great gut feeling about an investment, too, then it is probably going to be a good investment. Ideally, the case is under-reported and I don’t shy away of being anti-mainstream.
  • Navigation yes, recommendation no
    I can only show you what I have found out and how my personal assessments look like to the best of my knowledge and research results. Please keep in mind, my writings are meant as the beginning of your own proper due diligence! I am nowhere doing any investment advice! As everyone, I could be sometimes wrong (who is not?). Hence, you have to do always your own critical research. As written above, it is important to feel comfortable with an investment. Not every investment is appropriate for everybody (for different reasons)! That means to understand the business model (something like “fancy AI that will revolutionize the world” is no business model) is elementary. We as investors are investing in real companies and businesses, not some speculative papers! As a rule of thumb, you have to be able to explain an investment case in easy words to someone not involved in the topic.

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