Are you afraid of volatility? There’s a stock that benefits from it and pays dividends!

There are many investors waiting for a correction or even a crash – that maybe never comes (or only after unnerving months or years).

And if it comes, it happens after stocks already made a sizable run up while those who waited never made the entry.

When the correction or crash hits, then they prefer to wait until the dust settles.

Have you also experienced at one time this type of behavior?

I also went through this!

The good news is, I’ve found a stock that even benefits in both ways:

  • if the markets go up, the company benefits from the growing inflow into passive investment funds
  • if the markets go down – they usually do more violently, falling sharply under higher volume – then it benefits even more so disproportionately, because higher trading volume and higher spreads produce higher profits for the company!

These higher profits are then distributed to a large amount to investors via dividends! During the crash of 2020, the stock even went up by some 50%, while nearly everything else fell into the basement.

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