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Do you struggle to find the best stocks? It can be for various reasons. The truth is, at least 80% of stocks out there are garbage. Maybe even 90%. That’s why I am a big proponent of stock picking. Know what you own and why you own it!

Often it is not having the right knowledge how to analyze the underlying business. Stocks are no lottery tickets, but you participate as an owner in a real business! Better don’t gamble! Only the best businesses succeed!

The second reason is time. Everybody has a limited amount of time. To not only get a sufficient overview, but to formulate a strong investment thesis, it takes time.

You need both – knowledge AND time. Are you short on at least one of them? Do you want to solve this issue?

The average total return of my closed ideas is +19.6%.

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  • you either don't know how to find high-quality stocks you would like to invest in or
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– I have good news for you!

Let ME do this job for you! You can get my knowledge AND my time!

My name is Alan. I am the founder and operator of this blog.

As an equity analyst, I am publishing high-quality research reports where I present my best investment ideas.

My key ingredients:

Quality and simplicity!

  • I check the business models, the management and finances of the company and I do a valuation and risk assessment.
  • all my reports are written in a concise and easy to digest format; I am a firm believer in simplicity, not complexity.

The core of everything is simplicity!

My exclusive and unique 12-page research reports with new investment ideas (plus frequent updates), broken down into and written in an easy to digest format, are the result.

But it doesn't end here, as the true value you receive is: As a member, you save valuable time by making use of my time and my knowledge.

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With my reports, I give you my best ideas.

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Here is the proof that my ideas are delivering. The average total return of my closed ideas is +19.6%.

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