Today is a new beginning!

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Valued Visitor,

first, thank you for coming to my freshly launched blog – have a warm welcome! Please take a few minutes to read this article to better assess what you can expect from me down the road of investing.

Today is a new beginning for me, as I am starting a new chapter of my life. Being active in the market of stocks (not “stock market”) for more than ten years now this year, I feel it is urgent time to contribute to the investment world. Not every investment behaves the same, as not every company (which you are buying shares of as a stockholder) does the same. Too often only “the market” is mentioned, usually referred to the indices like Dow Jones, S&P 500 or NASDAQ 100 (or your countires equivalent).

My valued readers, on this blog I am going to share with you my attained knowledge, my good and bad experiences, as well as my thinking process. There are always investments in every market condition. Currently here in 2022 “the market” is in bear territory. But not all stocks developed the same way. There are even some stocks that rose since the beginning of the year to all-time highs. There are others that went more or less sideways. And of course, those that got absolutely crushed…

With my service, I want to show you that there is always something investable to be found.

With this blog, I am joining the growing movement of independent bloggers who see themselves as neutral first-hand informations providers. In stark contrast to more often than not unreliable and inauthentic mainstream media (otherwise they wouldn’t lose readers constantly…), I am not afraid to put my finger in the wound. That will not be for everyone. But there are more and more people on the search for unbiased, useful and objective information.

Writing my theses will challenge me to do proper research and to stand behind what I publish. There is no hiding behind a corporate curtain! In research, it is paramount to be unimpassioned like a surgeon – know the facts, have experience and execute consequently. When you do your homework properly, you are well prepared to even go against the wisdom of the crowd or against those who think they know best. Facts matter, not emotions! No matter how good the story seams to be.

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From 2016 until recently, I have worked professionally in auditing (one of the Big Fours) and fundamental stock analysis on the buy-side. I see life as a continuous path of learning. With this blog, I want to write down my thoughts and, together with you, become a better investor. It is my inner drive to always and everyday think about my investments and my portfolio. So should you (well, not necessarily everyday, but regularly and critically!).

I want you to become critical thinkers and to start looking at things differently – in general in life, but also in particular when it comes to your own portfolio management. You will see that once you take a critical view on investments that will spill over into your everyday life.

That does not mean, that I am always going to be right. Let’s be honest, everybody is occasionally wrong. What counts in the end, is being courageous enough to try something calculated out and being willing to learn from ones (and from other’s) mistakes. Be honest when you were wrong.

You are not developping better investment or analytical skills by riding the waves of success constantly (that could be luck!), but instead from failures (that most often is not bad luck but a treasure trove for learning!). If you don’t fear failures, but accept them, you’re half way there. The earlier, the better! Quick and simple.

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Let’s get ready to rumble

I am offering you a whole arsenal of information you can use to educate yourselves, but also to pick ideas to start with your own research.

My blog offers you:

  • free weekly columns (“weeklies”) in which I write about what I think to be of interest from a primarily investment perspective. Not just theory, also concrete investments (to watch or to avoid entirely). Sign up to my free newsletter to stay up to date!
  • for just 99 EUR a year you get full access to all my investment research reports via my Premium Membership to this blog (including future updates and of course the whole archive of older publications). You can subscribe by clicking here.

My reports are somewhat uncommon. I decided to make them short and simple. Very easy to understand. The reason is, I am a believer in simplicity, not complexity. I don’t think that more to read will give you necessarily more information. Less of the right pieces is more.

My task is to do lots of research in the background and then compress all the information into an easy to digest format for you. I highly value your time! My mission is to give you inspirations.

Please keep in mind, I will never sell your data or place any annoying ads or affiliate links on my site! This blog shall be clean and a top quality service. I value my readers and members highly.

I only offer what I would expect myself from such a service. That’s why I charge a low yearly fee for my reports. You only get what you pay for. No garbage and fully independent.

This membership fee is relatively cheap (just 8,25 EUR per month – and this currency is tanking anyway) because I see a lot more value when a reader recommends me to say 2–3 friends, instead of charging 3–4x the price. I want to reach more readers instead and make this membership as affordable as possible.

Note: On this blog, I am providing ideas and inspirations only. Important to understand: You are full-grown people and you know what you are doing (see my terms of conditions and use) – otherwise you wouldn’t be here! Always do your own due diligence and check the facts yourselves. My aim is to find interesting, non-mainstream investment ideas that make your brain work and show you interesting perspectives.

And now, back to business…