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My name is Alan.

If you

  • are a sophisticated stock picker
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I’m writing about stocks with a great focus on risk and reward. I believe keeping risks low is the key to be ahead.

By avoiding over-crowded mainstream ideas, we benefit from what’s overlooked. My approach is to view each stock as a true business. Based on fundamental analysis and return-oriented valuations, I am picking my ideas.

Every idea is simple and easy to understand.

It is possible to beat the markets (my numbers against the S&P500 and MSCI World). Most of the time, I’ve been ahead. I’m confident this will be the case over the long run.

all my ideas (per 01 July 2024)
all my active ideas (per 01 July 2024)

Note: I started with my first idea in August 2022. Every idea individually runs against both benchmarks. I then determine the average performance. Data from Yahoo Finance.

The numbers above prove stock picking works. Regularly and transparently, I do show the performance of all my published ideas.

My tool box consists of strict fundamental analysis, common sense and the firm belief that the best stock ideas are often the simplest – no complexity or chasing hyped, expensive stocks. The results are my 12-page research reports.

What does qualify me? I have been active in the markets for more than 13 years. Before I started this blog, I worked in auditing and equity analysis.

Yet, most of my knowledge is self-taught and experience. And a good nose maybe. I am passionate in what I do for my readers and members.

Here’s the performance of my picks for each membership:

all my 6x Premium PLUS ideas (per 01 July 2024)
all my 10x closed Premium ideas (per 01 July 2024)

Premium started in August 2022. Premium PLUS in late April 2023. Every idea individually runs against both benchmarks. I then determine the average performance. Data from Yahoo Finance.

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Why do I operate this blog?

I founded this site for open-minded people who are interested in stocks. My message:

  • it's possible to beat the market – but you need to pick the right stocks
  • ETFs are absolutely not needed – they give you limited upside, but full downside if the markets crash
  • what is needed are a healthy dose of skepticism, common sense, time, the ability to say "no" where others say "yes", patience and some creativity
  • fundamental analysis is key to separate the wheat from the chaff
  • it is easy to create a sleep well at night portfolio and bring order where there was chaos priorly – know what you own and why you do so!

Every day I see and hear people pitching low-quality stocks with high debt to interested investors, just on the basis of past performance and fragile dividend series. Then you also have low PE ratios and / or unsustainably high dividend yields.

A nightmare and recipe for disaster as many dividend cuts (for me not surprisingly even by "aristocrats" and "kings") and stocks sitting at multi-year lows prove!

But hey, stock investing is not about the past – it is about the future!

You must understand the business and its current situation. Not that it paid a dividend 20 years ago. Unfortunately, that's how many proclaimed investors act. I want my readers to stop being the bag-holders for others.

Are you unsatisfied with the performance of your stocks? Or are you maybe afraid to invest in stocks at all due to historically high valuations and constant fear-mongering "news" from the media? Do you want to avoid picking the wrong stocks for your retirement portfolio?

An estimated 80% of retail investors never make money with stocks – despite stocks going up in the long run! The reasons are often that they gamble by not knowing what they own and why so. Plus, most retail investors tend to chase hot trends where stocks are already expensive.

My method is to look for unloved, over-looked, hated sectors and stocks that are financially healthy and have an attractive risk-reward ratio, i.e. a high optionality. Limited downside, but high upside.

I also don't think that ETFs are the remedy – quite to the contrary. You are limiting yourself to the upside while fully participating to the downside. I don't know about you, but I prefer the other way around.

On this blog, I show you that this is absolutely possible, not just words. Results!

My concept and my numbers show – it is possible to beat the market!

If you don't have the knowledge and / or time to do full-scale research on your own, or maybe your emotions are tricking you, then I have good news for you.

If you are looking for stock ideas of companies with proven business models, shareholder-oriented capital management, sound finances instead of debt-worries and all this at attractive valuations, then you're at the right place!

Want to know more about my research process? Just sign up to my free newsletter so that I can send you my special report – 100% for free, no obligations. As a second bonus, you will also receive a full research report to see what you can expect from me as a member.

My Premium and Premium PLUS members are receiving frequently my best and market-beating stock ideas via my exclusive 12-page reports, where I place high value on risk management and easy to understand investment cases as my secret sauce.

No binary bets or chasing hot stuff. Boring businesses and fundamental analysis!

If you want to stop worrying about your stock picks and even aim to achieve above-average, i.e. market-beating returns, you're welcome to join my growing base of sophisticated members and fellow stock-pickers.

You are going to explore my best stock ideas, make use of my knowledge, experience and time and benefit from my critical as well as risk-focused thinking. What everybody knows and is talking about, is most likely already baked into a stock price! What I do is, I am on the hunt for over-looked, undervalued stocks.

If you want to change something for the better, you have to act.

Change does not come just by itself.

It takes you just 2 mins and you get access to all my so far published reports!

My core ingredients are quality and simplicity.

  • Quality, because you don't want to be the bag holder of empty promises, over-indebted businesses or foreseeable dividend cuts.
  • Simplicity, because I am a believer that the simplest ideas are most often the most attractive ones.
  • Risk-reward, no gambling – all ideas are checked fundamentally and have attractive limited downside, but high upside situations

Don't get confused by complexity. I want every investment case to be properly understood, checked for financial health and having an attractive valuation. This minimizes risks – that's what sepearates the best from the rest!

By the way, my service comes with a full, no-questions asked 14 day guarantee. If you really don't like my reports, you will certainly have your reasons, you get refunded. This is also a limited downside, massive upside for you, personally!

  • worst case: you join, grab some of my best stock ideas for free, quit and get refunded
  • best case: you will love my reports and market-beating ideas I frequently bring to light and be exited to get your hands on the next issue

Join me and my readers on our journey through the wild investment jungle. I would be happy to welcome you as part of my community of independent thinkers and do-it-yourself investors and stock pickers!

Let's become better investors together! 

Founder of

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Are you tired of being driven by fear and greed when investing in the stock market?

Buying high and selling low despite reading long-only analyses of overhyped stocks, hoping for hopeless turnarounds to turn or even listening to crash gurus promoting gold and spreading fears of stocks?

Don't put yourself check mate when investing in stocks!
By being your own wealth manager (as I call it), you can invest successfully in every environment. Not every investment is for everyone, but there's always something for somebody and for every setup!

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

You have to monitor your investment environment and always think critically.

Better put your emotions aside. Let common sense and some proper home work determine your success. Not luck, or even worse, hope! What everyone knows, is no secret anymore. Bull markets lift all boats (tech "investors"?). But crisis is a chance, as they say.

Don't be the bag holder or the pawn that's being sent to the front.
There are always stocks and strategies for every environment. The more rocks you turn, the more opportunities you find!

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My view is that there is no such a thing like a "stock market", but rather a market of stocks.

What's the difference? Freedom of choice and self-determination instead of giving up responsibility to someone else for earning fees while losing your money, because they're "long-term investors". You must be in full control. With funds or ETFs you always buy garbage inclusively!

You decide how to move the pieces of your own chess game!
I will give you ideas and impressions. But always think critically, before putting your hard earned money to work!

Your advantages – chose the right one for you!

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You get concrete case studies out of my own research. If you'd like to see a sample (all studies have the same format), just sign up for the free newsletter and you get one!

You need a separate sign up to the free newsletter to get all alerts and benefits!

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I am writing as an journalist-investor independently for my valued readers, not for algos or any principal. It shall be informative and thought-provoking for you. Not everything I write and certainly not every case will fit to everyone, but there's always something for somebody. It should be possible to pick a few good and well thought through ideas regularly and feel good about them.

This way it is possible to build a solid retirement stock portfolio with time.

It is important for me to stress that there are not just rising and falling "markets". In every scenario, you can invest successfully. We are investing in individual companies first and foremost, not in mixed baskets with good and rotten eggs.

In my view, it is more than enough to have 8–10 high conviction ideas in ones portfolio and monitor them closely (instead of having 30+ different positions with micro-weightings one could even easily forget about). Better be focussed than distracted. And: Better think independently than being a sheep.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me every time. I will answer in person!

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