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Are you tired of being driven by fear and greed when investing in the stock market?

Buying high and selling low despite reading long-only analyses of overhyped stocks, hoping for hopeless turnarounds to turn or even listening to crash gurus promoting gold and spreading fears of stocks?

Don’t put yourself check mate when investing in stocks!
By being your own wealth manager (as I call it), you can invest successfully in every setting. Not every investment is for everyone, but there’s always something for somebody!

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You have to monitor your investment environment and always think critically.

Better put your emotions aside. Let common sense and some proper home work determine your success. Not luck, or even worse, hope! What everyone knows, is no secret anymore. Bull markets lift all boats (tech “investors”?). But crisis is a chance, as they say.

Don’t be the bag holder or the pawn that’s being sent to the front.
There are always stocks and strategies for every environment. The more rocks you turn, the more opportunities you find!

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My view is that there is no such a thing like a “stock market”, but rather a market of stocks.

What’s the difference? Freedom of choice and self-determination instead of giving up responsibility to someone else for earning fees while losing your money, because they’re “long-term investors”. You must be in full control. With funds or ETFs you always buy garbage inclusively!

You decide how to move the pieces of your own chess game!
I will give you ideas and impressions. But always think critically, before putting your hard earned money to work!

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I am writing as an journalist-investor independently for my valued readers, not for algos or any principal. It shall be informative and thought-provoking for you. Not everything I write and certainly not every case will fit to everyone, but there’s always something for somebody. It should be possible to pick a few good and well thought through ideas regularly and feel good about them. This way it is possible to build a solid retirement stock portfolio with time.

It is important for me to stress that there are not just rising and falling “markets”. In every scenario, you can invest successfully. We are investing in individual companies first and foremost, not in mixed baskets with good and rotten eggs.

In my view, it is more than enough to have 8–10 high conviction ideas in ones portfolio and monitor them closely (instead of having 30+ different positions with micro-weightings one could even easily forget about). Better be focussed than distracted. And: Better think independently than being a sheep.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me every time. I will answer in person!

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