Why I’m writing this blog

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My Mission and more about Me

My name is Alan Gałecki. I was born in 1989 in (West)Germany and am of Polish origin.

I am an industrial engineer by education. Having worked in consulting, auditing, buy-side analysis and fund management for some years, I decided it to be time to start my own investment blog. That’s my full-time job, now.

Here, I am sharing my independent thoughts and analyses with readers worldwide, hopefully thought-provoking. I’d be happy to make you a better thinker and investor.

Besides, I want to become a better thinker, writer and – of course – a better investor, myself.

I am someone “kaizen-ing” myself (constantly improving). Life is about learning something new every day. In this case, in the world of investing: Be it maybe-interesting stock ideas, summaries and key take-aways of what I think are great books that can make one a better investor, some general investment philosophy / strategy topics or even shares to avoid – for whatever reason. I am going to take on everything that comes to my mind and could be of interest for other like-minded DIY-investors.

My original motivation for starting investing in stocks was and still is the public pension system. First, I do not want to rely on it and second, I do not believe in it either (as being sustainable). Hence, I wanted to take my destiny into my own hands. That adventure started more than ten years ago, now.

Starting this blog is a new chapter in my life. Besides trying something new I have not done before, my aim is to provide you as my readers with what I think of selected investment related topics and ideas. I want to show you an interesting new perspective. Though I am only one small drop in the financial waters, it is my philosophy that everyone should think critically and independently. I want to make my contribution with this blog.

You can (and should) be your own wealth manager

Everybody is able to manage his or her own portfolio of stocks without intermediaries, i.e. being in charge of your own success. It is easier than you think and does not require you to sit several hours a day in front of your portfolio! Don’t give your responsibility away and blame others for their wrongdoing. Instead always stay in control of your finances! I therefore call upon:

Be your own wealth manager. Sounds crazy? That is totally achievable.

It does not mean gambling like in a casino or placing aggressive bets, though, quite the opposite. What I mean by that ist: Doing ones home work properly and act with a “limited risk high reward”-common-sense-view allows you to do just this. Safety first (risk management), but when there is a chance, go for it! You simply just don’t do what you do not understand and where you do not feel comfortable with!

A key here is to be open-minded and do only what you are convinced of – not what media is selling you pro-cyclically everyone already knows about. When you’re wrong, so what. Sell and watch out for better opportunities instead of hoping and producing even bigger losses. Watch the big picture of your whole portfolio, not single stocks.

Today, it is easier and more affordable than ever before.

I am a firm believer that investing is not and should not be complicated. In fact, oftentimes the simple ideas are the most effective!

You just let ME do the work for you. Join our community and grow yourself to a better investor.

But don’t forget about two things: Always use multiple sources (i.e. also read other blogs of independent authors) and do your own due diligence!

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