Who is this blog and especially my exclusive reports NOT for?

If at least one of the following describes you, you likely won’t get happy here:

  • you are not investing, because you believe in governments
  • you believe that stocks are just a casino and believe in strange manipulations
  • you invest purely in ETFs and believe that this is sufficient
  • you think that broader markets only go in one direction – up

Who will like my reports and ideas?

I would say:

  • rather critical readers who don’t believe in everything that they are told
  • passionate stock pickers on the hunt for non-mainstream ideas
  • people who want to engage with stocks, but lack the knowledge and / or time to do serious fundamental analysis on their own

Why am I not giving my best stock ideas away entirely for free?

First, of course, due to being my main job, I want to make a living of it. That should be no big surprise. The other thing is, you are free of third-party advertising / spam and I am not going to post any affiliate links. Just pay for content. No third-party interests or influence.

And lastly, you are benefiting from my experience, knowledge and my time! You receive quality research, compressed into an easy to digest format. What takes you maybe an hour to read takes me a multiple of it to research and produce.

If you become a member, you show that you’re seriously interested.

Why do I write short reports and not long, extensive ones?

Short answer: It’s about simplicity. 

Long answer: For me the big goal (and challenge) is to be clear and on point with my investment theses.

I am a big believer that the best ideas are often the simplest – I hate complexity. For every aspect I look at the aim is to write down the main points concisely on a single page. 

The research I am doing beforehand is not reduced, however, quite the opposite. My research process is extensive. I am spending several hours of time to crush together what is necessary into an easy comprehensive and digestive format for you. 

It is a service from me and also my philosophy to be spot on.

Why did I call this blog Financial Engineering?

Due to being an industrial engineer per education gone into financials, I thought “Financial Engineering” would be the proper name for my blog.

This somewhat provoking and confusing name is not derived from those wizardries many companies and financial institutions do to beat short-term quarterly expectations by a few pennies.

I am a fundamental investor, but you have to get the bigger picture, too, to spot trends. To be able to invest with a high conviction and, even more important, to stick with “your” companies through psychological difficult times, you must have a good understanding of the many wheels which are spinning inside of the underlying company.

Among others, I think of the business model itself and its robustness, of the industry the company is operating in, the growth prospects, the whole (political) environment, the management (ideally founder-led with skin in the game) and its capital allocation skills as well as the quality of the finances with high capital returns.

Quality and risk management.