Reliable and Strategic Investment Guidance Amid Online Ambiguity and Uncertainty

In a world where trust in online sources, especially regarding money, investments, and finances, is increasingly scarce, Alan stands as my reliable beacon.

He is not a self-serving guru who will misguide you for his own benefit. Alan brings skin in the game, years of experience in the field, and, importantly, an exceptional methodology. He thoroughly explains everything, delves deep into analyses, and guides you through the entire process.

I deeply appreciate his content, and it is this that empowers me to make the best choices for my investments.

Thank you, Alan! I am glad I’ve found your blog!

Excellent Analysis

Would highly Alan’s first rate analysis. Better than most institution reports that cross my desk. And has resulted in excellent gains with several of his picks. Made the cost of the subscription back on one investment alone, many times over. Thank you Alan.


Alan’s research is top notch and it has paid my membership many times over.

Also,due to my “exotic” location, he was always prompt to solve connections problems and,I really appreciate his customer service state of mind.

Strongly recommend you to join, I subscribe to a lot of investment letters but,after a year,I am ,usually disapointed and stop subscribing.

This one is a “keeper” and I hope he will keep up the good work !


Financial Engineering is one of the best sources for stock investors!

Financial Engineer Alan Galecki is one of the greatest stock analysts I have met in my investment career. In his membership area he present a very creative and very promising selection of companies. As a financial professional myself, I must acknowledge that Alan Galecki’s analyses are technically first-class and the reports are written in a very understandable way. So far, I followed all of his recommendation that he presented to his Premium Plus-members and several of his other recommendations. They are the perfect addition to my portfolio. I mostly enjoy Alan Galecki’s insights into the mining industry.
Alan, please continue your great work!

Unique and valuable

The uniqueness and inventiveness of the studies alone are worth subscribing to! The analyses are down-to-earth , in-depth, critical and beyond the main stream. As an employee, one should think about one’s provision in the long term. Mr. Galecki’s method of identifying valuable companies with positive future prospects is a very valuable support. Thus, with the unique information, the studies offer a very good perspective for wealth creation. Thank you for this.

Fine and selected selection of Titles

Alan offers his esteemed readers a choice selection of interesting titles outside the mainstream. Every week, he manages to find unknown value stocks that have the potential to enrich your portfolio as well. A clear recommendation for unagitated investors.