Announcement: My second Membership starts!

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Herewith, I’m happy to announce that I am starting a second membership!

To kick it off, I’m featuring in my next research report a founder-led business with the potential of becoming a multi-bagger.

This investment idea will be exclusive to my new Premium PLUS Members – the report will be available next Saturday, 29 April 2023 in the newly created Premium PLUS Member’s area (as usual, I’ll send an email alert).

It’s important for me to stress that nothing will change for Premium Members (also not the price in this inflationary environment!), except that there’s a chance to upgrade towards a package with additional investments ideas. Premium Members will continue to receive eight exclusive investment ideas p.a.

Launch of new Membership (Premium PLUS)

My new Premium PLUS Membership includes everything that Premium is already offering, plus:

– 3 additional research reports p.a. of the same length, in the same format and with the same high-quality research

– the profile of my chosen investment ideas will be slightly different, more towards higher-chance candidates for
–> long-term multi-baggers (multiplying several times)
–> quick (< 1–2 years) +30–50%, resulting from special situations or potential acquisition targets

My aim is to find companies that at the minimum have a chance to 3x organically from the underlying business, ideally over 3–5 years.

Rest assured that I won’t present you any binary bets, but strong business models, ideally founder-led, with strong financials and an undervaluation. As you are used to from me, I will place a high weight on risk management. However, it can happened that certain investment ideas are more volatile and / or of slightly less (but sufficient) liquidity, due to their potentially smaller size and / or less free float.

My new Premium PLUS membership costs only 399,– EUR p.a.
If you subtract the 99,– EUR for the Premium Membership that is fully included, you have only 100,– EUR per investment idea. If only one of the three ideas p.a. becomes a multi-bagger, you will smile over this price.

Self-explanatory, if you’re already a Premium Member, then it will cost you only the difference of what’s left in your current membership (until it would prolong) to upgrade. By upgrading, your subscription will start with new twelve months.